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Lexington-Bell Community Center was created in 1987 as the result of the merger of Lexington Square, founded in 1968 by Catholic Charities, and Bell Neighborhood Center, founded in 1958 as an offshoot of the Goodrich Social Settlement. Lexington-Bell Community Center is an educational and charitable nonprofit organization and has 501(c)(3) federal exemption status. We have provided services to the Hough community for more than 50 years.

Lexington-Bell Community Center’s mission is to strengthen and empower residents in the Hough neighborhood area through the delivery of quality social, educational and recreational services, in a charitable manner, with emphasis on a total family approach, and to support the cultural, social, economic and political participation of its neighbors. In addition, the Center advocates, in a responsible manner, changes in systems that directly or indirectly affect this mission.

Lexington-Bell Community Center has provided quality social services to more than three generations of families who reside in the Hough, St. Clair, and Superior areas of Cleveland. Lexington-Bell Community Center’s continued commitment to youth, families and the community is demonstrated daily through the programs and services that it provides.

Lexington-Bell Community Center’s long-standing history of providing quality, multidimensional, culturally appropriate, community-based programs and services has inspired trust and confidence in the agency and created a strong community bond.

Executive Director
Lu Anne Peters

Board President
Robert Brooks, II


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